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Alaga ogun is a family copound in the middle belt, a northern province of Nigeria. The name given, literailly means ‘medicinal chairman’ derrive from its prominence in medicinal herb, dated to the early 80s. Alaga ogun compound is situated at gbabi abidun street off opo-malu road, ilorin south. Alaga ogun is an extended family compound with about 100 university graduates and few poly and college graduates. Proud sons and daughters of the compound have contributed immensely in the development of their beloveth state ilorin. The fathers of alaga are great people, with a reputable profile of being an arabic scholars who taught neigbouring towns and villages islam which is dated as far back as it could be remembered. One of the founding fathers is ‘AS-SHEIK AHMAD TIJJANI ALIYU’. Sheik ahmad tijjani is an arabic scholar who has influence far beyond Nigeria. He was a founder of mahdu tsakofat in Ghana, before he later came back to Nigeria with more of his Godly preaching with youth and adult islamic teaching in kaduna state. This great man died in the course of good work in kaduna, during the ‘zango kataf’ crises in 1992. He is an icon among others. The marvelous people of alaga, are socialists with a firm social efforts and a good mind which gained them a seat to further their humantarian contribution to kwara state and Nigeria as a whole. Shayk abdulrahman ahmad, khalifa yunus ahmad (karamatul Aoliyah), Dr. Ali ahmad are some of the proud faces of alaga ogun. Hon. Ali ahmad is the people’s democratic party(P.D.P) candidate representing ilorin south-east in the nation assembly. Ambitious, caring, religious, social, are properties of the alagas’.