Despite the economic meltdown in this motherless nation, where free education seems to be more scarce and costly as though the word ‘free’ has being changed. The leaders of the motherless nation keep urging its citizens to continue praying for her nation, but an indigene of this entity whose affair was not considered in policy making and constitutional amendments does not feel prayer is the solution and does not even feel the melting of the economy because they were already melted in poverty, long before the economy and its government could ever imagined.
Development of a nation depends on the fair treatment of her citizens by her government even if the leaders are in love with money more than the affection of her people.
‘Health is wealth’ they say; medical hospitals are all over this motherless nation, although the medics are unavailable and the doctors, nurses and mid-wives are not paid appropriately. In this motherless nation, the easiest way to riches, is not hard working, or rather hard work with numbers that involve ones and zeros in political seats.Water as the source of life is one of the most abundant resources of the world, but it’s more costly in its pipe borne mode in this motherless nation. Life whose characteristics distinguishes objects from living organisms, life whose vitality gives hope to the hopeless, life whose importance shallow the influence money, luxuries, material and immaterial things, such life which every minds hope, future, fate and faith depends on, is forcefully sacrificed by its citizens at the cheapest rate with no intervention of her government to standardize these black lives to other race of the planet, and bringing bad leaders to justice. Yet the cheapest rate incentives were not even paid to its citizens and their rightful rights were shaded from them, hence, the rate at which their lives were unwillingly sacrificed was free.
“painful for an unknown dream”, lives of citizens whose democratic rights seems fading, the most important click of being human melted and deprived, such citizens have an unknown dream.
Farther, as sun-set and rises in this motherless nation, girls who grew to be women were never proud of the kids they used to be. Feminine rights looks unnecessary, after all the grownup girls in this motherless nation are called ‘BABES’, not because they are innocent but because
they think hawking themselves makes them ‘BIG GIRLS’. CHICKS they call themselves, they are supposedly the mothers of the future leaders, but who cares about what its citizens suffers. The Leaders egoistic campaign is to be elected so as to implement their talents of nepotism,tribalism and sectionalism.
Courage to express true feelings about negative agendas makes a leader a lover of her nation. Lack of such courage is the property of modern leaders whose ambition to serve their fatherland is to live comfortable and being paid for living, after they made others scarify their lives for free. Such leaders feel the best education for citizens is just a local method of learning by urging the citizens to go to farm while their so called Nobel sons and daughters never
experienced hardship even if it means buying the books they will use to learn. The brewed spoilt brat then rotates to be our next leaders just like a computerized ecosystem.
‘Education, they say is the key to life’. Citizens in this motherless nation were not giving proper education. How could they succeed? The learning structures are mounted everywhere so as for the leaders to count negative achievements during their tenure. In this motherless nation, the leaders says it operate standard schooling while their children study abroad, nevertheless, maybe it’s because the standard of education in this nation seems too standard or they wish for their children to be trained by expertise whose specialization is currency manipulation.
“Nobody can go back and starts a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a good ending”.
This is a cry from within, calling on good and ideal democratic leadership into the lives of orphans in our beloved nation. These commodities have to be efficiently supervised and the value of lives, girl’s upbringing and women welfare, education and health should be effectively monitored. Hence, the future of every citizen in this motherless nation lies in everyone’s hands, since the transferability of life is not possible, let’s join minds and change our definition of impossible.