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Growing up was hard, though the schools we attended provided a song of optimism. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, was a song of merry, as we see ourselves as the next presidents and decision makers in our beloved country. Visual impairment was the infection for all as we hazily envisaged a future, which was to be deemed vivid. Dust raised by the thick soul of our shoes testified to the sincerity of the strength at which we match. Even in a democratic nation like ours, we still remember our military eras.
Gone are those days when men were boys. Education was a gift which we see as a divine favor from our ancestors. Stories shows we were not as lucky as the decades of young minds before us, where students go on a rather peaceful demonstration for a free full chicken reduced to a half in learning institutions cafeterias.
It was a nice advert when we were informed about a censors operation which was aimed at enabling the government provides accurate care to the people. As a child, the result was emboldening; we almost beat the world in population, though china and India are far beyond our pace. A different mood of headlines flood the news,” we are far from developing” was a tag of my country by some over dressed analyst. Why are they not seeing what I could see even in my sleep? Though electricity was not as frequent, but light worries should not be part of the reasons for these national insults. After all, we all have generators; even the national electricity power authorities have generators for emergency purposes if there were any.
Inquisitiveness as a child paved meaning to the riddles of those blurred dreams I had. Complains of lack of good education, poverty eradication, overpopulation, deficient health care, poor child upbringings were problems needing repair. Thanks to the introduction of internet, research made me realized that my country still stagnantly stands in our darkest moments, thus we need to focus to see light.
Overpopulation has negative impact on our country, no wonder we students no longer receives those entitlements, not even chicken feathers. Those are memories of the past. Environmental problems are unfavorable to social equity and welfare with respect to accessibility to social infrastructure and job opportunities. It is argued that urban poverty in my country has strong links with underdevelopment and environmental degradation. Environmental problems have for instance resulted in loss of job opportunities, increased poverty level, social exclusion and loss in cultural heritage. Many agricultural lands and fishing waters have been polluted, and the people are denied means of livelihood. As a result, a majority of the people feels reluctant to participate in economic development activities; instead they have chosen the part of militancy in the quest for resource control. The inability of cities in my fatherland to cope with increasing environmental challenges resulted in higher crime rates which was a dance of shame that provoked the good fingers of good nationalist to plea for an inspirational future for the generation unborn.
High mortality rate does not seem to be a solution. Hence, the threatening population growth has increased urbanization. Rapid growth of cities due to urbanization has led to the emergence of low-income informal settlements both in the inner-city and on the outskirts. Environmental decay is set to rise, and this poses serious threat to sustainable development because our economy and society largely depends on its ecology for food production, power generation and source of raw materials for industrial activities.

Presently, a decision maker in this country thinks we are in a state of “dismal” because education posed to be a scarce commodity not easily accessed by every citizen. Unpaid agreed fees by the government to the lecturers who craved for a change of tag from the usual “teachers reward is in heaven” to a breath taking motto i would like to know creates the greatest idleness of the century to we the giants in black skins. However, it is a fight for the feeble citizens who don’t even know the signs when giants are going cripple. Hmm… the past surely took a different direction from this current regrettably lugubrious state.
Focus on proper child upbringing through high quality education surely is a lasting solution to the child molestation through hawking, which seems to be a surviving step for the impecunious parents who need food on their table and couldn’t afford a tangible job.
Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. The affection of our founding fathers made it a possible chemistry to the reaction of differently oriented people, coming together to form a covalent nation. Nowadays, such love is seen as a mistake which was never supposed to exist.
Politics gamble of the peaceful co-existence of the people through religious campaign, resulted in cronyism, tribalism, and nepotism. In a country that never lacked good policies, legislations and institutional frameworks good implementation has always been the core of the matter. The failure of existing laws and institutions to make significant impacts in protecting and preserving the environment may have been due to poor legal frameworks, poor funding and lack of adequate manpower.
The song of the children of this nation has to change. The tomorrow they have waited for, looks like a mission of impossible, when they were never considered for the positions they craved for. High population of the decision makers have been in the system for such a long time that we now think it is a family rights to those who lack the fear of doomsday. A future that would glow of happiness, peacefulness, terror reduction would surely relief itself of the high unemployment, illiteracy, embezzlements through entrepreneurship initiations, educational upliftment, youth empowerment, corruption reduction and increasing the environmental carrying capacity which is necessary for enhancing the livability of urban areas.
In a country where the young minds inherited liberty to defend their honor, to defend their people and the cradle of their freedom, social equity despite odds or price, should be an answered call, when the clarion calls.